Specialty Testing Equipment

TSI has a wide variety of testing equipment to perform a wide range of Laboratory and Field Tests. 

                             Profometer 600 Rebar Locator  


This piece of equipment is used to locate rebar, determine cover

values and the size of the rebar, without damage.  

Load Frame, Triaxial Loader

This piece of equipment is used for triaxial testing on samples

up to 3,000 lbs.

Automatic Cylinder End Grinder  

This piece of equipment is used to grind concrete cylinder ends.

It has an accuracy of 0.002" and can handle a variety of sample  

sizes with ease.                                                                                    


​TSI provides complete Geotechnical Investigation, Construction Materials Testing and Inspection services to owners, architects, developers, engineers, contractors, government agencies and the general public in a broad range of project types. Many of our projects have required our technicians to be involved in a full-time quality control capacity spanning for more than two years at a time. Our commitment is to consistently provide our clients with dependable analysis and test results while meeting the most stringent quality standards in the construction industry.

Many of the projects in which we have provided services include industrial, manufacturing, refineries, power plants, substations, pipelines, wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, shopping centers, churches, schools including colleges and universities, roadways, residential, TXDOT projects, dams, flood control structures, ponds, and levees.

TSI conducts all testing and inspection services with strict compliance to the industry standards such as ACI, ASTM, AWS, TXDOT and many other national standards and practices. Each of our offices offers full service geotechnical and materials testing laboratories.

Additionally, our technicians hold TXDOT, ACI, and NICET certifications and participate in proficiency testing in soil, asphalt, aggregate, and concrete.

In general, we have the ability to test soil, rock, and construction materials per job specifications. We offer a mobile laboratory for on-site testing as needed.  Furthermore, we offer Triaxial Shear testing, Hydraulic Conductivity, Vibration Monitoring, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) testing, Consolidation-swell testing, and more.

All equipment and instruments utilized for testing concrete, soil, asphalt, steel, and synthetic fabrics are calibrated within the required time intervals to assure results are within the specified tolerance. We welcome external assessments, inspections and reviews by our clients or independent organizations in order to demonstrate our commitment to quality assurance and control. We strive to create strong and lasting relationships with our clients, serving and providing them with all their testing needs.

TSI makes certain that quality is the driving force in project implementation. As a matter of practice, we share with our clients a quality management plan that depicts all the phases within the project. Smooth and efficient communication, timely reporting and overall field coordination are some of the elements that are included in our quality assurance program.

Geotechnical Engineering

TSI provides Geotechnical Services and offers in-depth knowledge and experience relative to soil conditions and their impacts on foundations, pavements, retaining walls, pipelines, and structures.

TSI has in-house Geotechnical and Materials Testing Laboratory facilities to conduct a variety of testing on soils and other building materials. Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to perform tests in accordance with the Universal Standards provided by ASTM International (ASTM) and other applicable standards. Testing activities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Atterberg Limits
  • Permeability tests
  • Soils Finer than No. 200 Sieve
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength
  • 1-Dimensional Consolidation
  • CU Triaxial

TSI understands the value of detailed geotechnical investigations which allows us to detect soil and ground issues that could potentially impact long term performance of the facility under consideration. In addition, early geotechnical involvement includes possible shortening of the construction schedule through identification of suitable, alternate construction methods that are directly linked to construction cost, operation, and maintenance. Our laboratory possesses the required equipment, qualified manpower, and certifications necessary to complete even the most difficult of tasks.

Our major Geotechnical Services include the following:

  • Subsurface Exploration
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Foundation Analysis and Design
  • Seismic Evaluations
  • Construction recommendation for Dams, Levees, ponds, and Embankments
  • Earth Retaining Structures
  • Landfill Exploration
  • Pavement Analysis and Design
  • Groundwater Evaluations

Materials Testing

TSI provides a wide range of construction material testing services. We have extensive knowledge in construction materials including aggregates, asphalt, reinforced steel, structural steel, concrete, mortar, and masonry to name a few.  We are familiar with a variety of construction processes and methods.

Our project experience has ranged in complexity and size. Our services during the construction phase are directed towards strict compliance of regulatory guidelines. Adherence to specifications is monitored and documented by registered Geotechnical Engineers, Licensed Inspectors and Certified Technicians. Our service capabilities in construction monitoring and materials testing areas include the following but are not limited to:

  • Foundation preparation observations and inspections
  • Soil compaction testing and inspection.
  • Concrete batch plant inspection
  • Field inspection and quality control of masonry construction
  • Mortar, grout, block, and brick testing
  • Fireproofing Inspection
  • Concrete strength testing, concrete mix designs,                                                                                                                                           and in-place concrete strength investigations
  • Inspection of concrete placement and concrete curing
  • Post-tensioning and reinforcing steel inspection.
  • Asphalt batch plant and pavement construction inspection
  • Complete laboratory testing of soil, concrete, asphalt, and other construction materials.
  • Steel fabrication inspection and erection and fastener inspection
  • Weld inspection

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

TSI complies with established national and industry standards. We maintain an in-house quality assurance program to make certain that the firm provides quality services and accurate testing.  Our laboratory meets the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials. TSI performs proficiency testing through the CCRL (Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory) AASHTO & TXDOT accreditation programs. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers periodically visits our laboratory to inspect our testing equipment and review our testing procedures.

To maintain our commitment to sound engineering, quality of services, and responsive attitude to our clients, we maintain an excellent work environment at our offices, participate in an accredited quality assurance program, and maintain a vast technical library. We encourage and promote continuing education programs for our professional and technical employees so that we can stay in the mainstream of current standards of practice. The firm, as well as many of our professional and technical employees, are involved in and support various professional, civic, and technical organizations.

Laboratory Equipment Calibration Policies

The Field and Laboratory Equipment is calibrated in accordance with the general procedures and frequencies specified in TSI’s Quality Control manual. Independent, accredited calibration agencies provide calibration of the equipment. NIST traceable certificates of the calibrations are provided by the agencies. These certificates are kept as calibration records in TSI files.  The certificates can be provided upon request.

The Lab Operations Manager oversees all lab operations and is responsible for ensuring all equipment is properly calibrated and in good working condition to prevent errors and inaccuracies during testing and measuring data.

Suspect equipment is identified to prevent error and to ensure deficiencies are not encountered. Regular maintenance is performed on all equipment in accordance with the ASTM Standards and Manufacturer’s Recommendations where applicable and/or with interval preventive maintenance practices.


Our Services 

TSI Laboratories Inc.

Field Investigations

Geotechnical Investigation - includes Borings, Mobilization, Laboratory Analysis, Evaluation, Engineering and Report.

Laboratory Testing - Soils

ASTM D1140/Tex111E - Soils Finer than No. 200 Sieve (-200)

ASTM D1557 - Modified Proctor

ASTM D1633 - Compressive Strength of Molded Soil-Cement Cylinders (includes molding)

ASTM D1883 - Laboratory CBR (includes Moisture Density Curve)

ASTM D2166 - Unconfined Compressive Strength

ASTM D2216/Tex103E - Moisture Content

Tex100E - Surveying and sampling Soils for Highways

Tex101E - Preparing Soil and Flexible Base Materials for Testing

Tex102E - Determining Slaking time

ASTM D2434 - Permeability, Constant Head

ASTM D2435 - One-Dimensional Consolidation

ASTM D2487/Tex142E - Standard Classification for Engineering Purposes

ASTM D2488 - Identification of Soils (Visual)

ASTM D2850/Tex118E - UU Triaxial Compression Test 

Tex131E - CU Triaxial compression Test

Tex148E - Soil Organic Content, Using UV-Vis Method

ASTM D2974 - Organic Content of Peat Materials

ASTM D2976 - pH Content of Peat Materials

ASTM D3080 - Direct Shear of Soil, Fine Grained, Undisturbed

ASTM D4186 - One-Dimensional Consolidation with CRS Loading

ASTM D4221 - Double Hydrometer

ASTM D4253 - Maximum Index Density

ASTM D4254 - Relative Density

ASTM D4318/Tex104E,105E,106E - Atterberg Limits - Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit (PI)

ASTM D4373 - Carbonate Content

ASTM D4531 - Bulk Density of Peat

ASTM D4546 - Consolidometer Free Swell

ASTM D4643 - Moisture Content by Microwave

ASTM D4647 - Pinhole Dispersion

ASTM D4648 - Miniature Vane Shear

ASTM D4767 - Correction of Unit Weight Water Content

ASTM D4829 - Expansion Index of Soils

ASTM D4943 - Shrinkage Factors of Cohesive Soils by Water

ASTM D4972 - pH of Soil

ASTM D7928 - Particle Size Analysis of Soils with Hydrometer

ASTM D5084 - Permeability, Falling Head

Tex123E - Drainage Factor of Soil Material

ASTM D512 - Water-Soluble Chloride, water extraction

ASTM D5102​ - Unconfined Compressive Strength of Compacted Soil-Lime Mixtures

ASTM D516 - Water-Soluble Sulfates, water extraction

ASTM D5268 - Topsoil used for Landscaping and Construction Purposes

ASTM D5334 - Thermal Resistivity

ASTM D558/Tex113E,114E - Moisture Density Relationship

ASTM D559 - Wetting and Drying of Compacted Soil-Cement Mixtures

ASTM D560/Tex135E - Freeze-Thaw of Compacted Soil-Cement Mixtures

Tex120E - Soil-Cement Testing

ASTM D6276 - Lime Series Determination Curve

Tex120E - Soil-Lime Testing

Tex112E - Admixing Lime to Reduce Plasticity Index of Soils

ASTM D6528 - Direct Simple Shear Series

ASTM D6572 - Crumb Test

ASTM D6913/Tex110E - Particle Size using Sieve Analysis (Gradation)

ASTM D698 - Standard Proctor

ASTM D7181/Tex117E - Triaxial Compression

ASTM D7263 - Moisture Content and Density (Unit Weight)

ASTM D854/Tex108E - Specific Gravity of Soils

FHA701 - Swell Test

ASTM G57 - Soil Resistivity using Miller Soil Box

Tex118E - Triaxial Shear

Tex198E - Soil Resistivity

Tex107E - Bar Linear Shrinkage

USACE EM -  Residual Shear

USACE EM - Pilot Settling Test

USACE EM - Column Settling Test

Sand, Silt and Clay Content (Soil Texture)

Stability with Molding

Salinity Test (Soluble Salts)


Pocket Penetrometer

Percent Solids

Tube Suction 

Laboratory Testing - Concrete

ACI 211 - Concrete Mix Design

ACI 301 - Wet Concrete Mix Design 

ASTM C1218 - Water Soluble Chloride Ion

ASTM C157 - Length Change of Hardened Hydraulic-Cement Mortar and Concrete

ASTM C293 - Flexural Strength of Concrete

Tex417A - Unit Weight, Yield and Air Content of Concrete

ASTM C39/Tex418A - Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens

ASTM C42 - Compressive Strength of Core Specimens

ASTM C78 - Flexural Strength of Concrete

ASTM C243- Bleeding of Cement Pastes and Mortars

ASTM C856 - Petrographic Analysis

ASTM D4643 - Determination of Water content of Soil and Rock by Microwave Oven Heating

Laboratory Testing - Aggregates

ASTM C117/Tex406A - Material Finer than #200 Sieve (Decantation)

ASTM C127 - Specific Gravity of Coarse Aggregates

ASTM C128 - Specific Gravity of Fine Aggregates

Tex202F - Specific Gravity of Material Finer than #200 Sieve

ASTM C136 - Particle Size Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregates

ASTM C142 - Clay Lumps & Friable Particles

ASTM C29 - Bulk Density and Voids

ASTM C33/Tex200F - Particle Size using Sieve Analysis (Gradation) of Aggregates

ASTM C40/Tex408A - Organic Impurities

ASTM C535/Tex410A - LA Abrasion of Coarse Aggregates

ASTM C88 - Soundness of Aggregates with Grain Size Analysis by use of Sodium or Magnesium Sulfate

ASTM D2419/Tex203F - Sand Equivalent

ASTM D3042 - Carbonate Content of Aggregate - Acid Insoluables

ASTM D7012 - Rock Compressive Strength

ASTM G187 - Resistivity

Tex116E - Ball Mill Method for Determining the disintegration of Flexible Base Material

Rock Density

Tex404A​ - Flat Elongated Pieces

Unit Weight (loose or rodded)

Field Gradation of Rip Rap or Large Stone

Laboratory Testing - Corrosion Tests

ASTM C1760 - Bulk Electrical Conductivity of Hardened Concrete

ASTM C596 - Drying Shrinkage of Mortar Containing Hydraulic Cement

ASTM D4327 - Chloride/Sulfate

ASTM G200 - Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP) of Soil

ASTM G5/Tex128E - pH of Soil

ASTM G57 - Electrical Conductivity of Concrete Rock, Flow Fill 

Construction Materials Testing


Concrete Maturity

Floor Flatness

Windsor Probe

Vapor Emission (Floor Moisture)

Rebar Locator - placement, size and depth of cover

Relative Humidity of concrete floor

Non-Destructive Swiss Hammer Test

Drilled Pier Inspection

Driven Piles Inspection

Wave Analysis

Augercast Piles

Pile Load Test

Post Tension Inspection

Structural Coring

Diamond Sawing

Capping and Compressive Testing of Cores

Masonry-Mortar, Grout, CMU

Compressive Strength of Grout Cylinders

Compressive Strength of Mortar Cubes

Compressive Strength of Grout Prisms

Compressive Strength of CMU Block

Percent Absorption

Verifying Dimensions

Fire Rating Calculation

Specific Gravity of Slurry

ASTM C953 - Determine Set Time of Grout

ASTM C1090 - Changes in Height of Cylindrical Specimens of Hydraulic Cement Grout

ASTM C1741 - Schupack Pressure Bleed Test

Tex437A - Flow Cone


Compaction/Proof Rolling

Drive Cylinder

Pulverization Test (Lime Gradation)

ASTM D1556 - Density (Balloon or Sand cone)

ASTM D2922 - Density of Soil in Place

ASTM D2937 - Density of Soil in Place by the Drive-Cylinder Method

ASTM G57 - Soil Resistivity


Bulk Sample Testing

Laboratory Density

Field Density


HVEEM Stability

Marshall Stability

Extraction & Gradation 

Core Thickness & Density

Theoretical Maximum (Rice)

Level 1A Technician

Level 1B Technician

Ride Quality

Asphalt Coring

Stabilized Base  Coring

Thermal Imaging Camera

Welding, Structural Steel, Metal Roof Deck, Metal Stud

Tensile Test

Bend Test

Etching Test

Nick Test

Inspection of Welds by CWI

Vacuum Test

Test of Straps

Procedure, Process, etc. Tests

Visual Inspection

Mag Particle and Dye Penetrant Testing

Ultrasound Inspection or X-ray


Paint & Coating Inspection

Tensile Properties


Adhesion Pull Off Test

Lightweight Roof Deck Inspection

Screw Pull Inspection

Epoxy Inspection

Ground Penetrating Radar

​Vibration Monitoring