T.S.I. Laboratories Inc.

I.          Field Investigations (Geotechnical)

         i.      Drilling, Mobilization, Sampling

II.         Laboratory Testing

          a.      Soils

                           i. Classification

                              1. Atterberg Limits (ASTM D4318 or TEX 104,105-E)

                                   2. Moisture Content (ASTM D2216)

                                   3. Sieve Analysis (ASTM D1440)

                                   4. Specific Gravity of Soils (ASTM D854)

                                   5. Particle Size Analysis of Soils with Hydrometer (ASTM D422)

                              6. Salinity Test

                                   7. Wet Ball Mill

                                   8. LA Abrasion (ASTM C535)

                                   9. Sulfate Soundness (5 cycles)

                       ii. Densities/Monitoring

                                   1. Moisture Density Relationships

                                         a. Standard Proctor (ASTM D698)

                                         b. Modified Proctor (ASTM D157)

                                         c. TEX 113E/114E

                                   2. Laboratory CBR (includes Moisture Density Curve)

                                   3. Lime Series Determination Curve (pH Method with PI & Proctor)

                         iii. Soil/Sand/Aggregate Strength      

                                   1. Unconfined Compressive Strength (ASTM D2166)

                                   2. Compressive Strength of Stabilized Materials

                                         a. Molding

                                         b. Compressive Strength

                                   3. Compressive Strength of Strength Aggregate Sample (TxDOT)

                                         a. Molding

                                         b. Compressive Strength

                                   4. Triaxial Shear (unconsolidated/undrained)

                                   5. Triaxial Shear (consolidation/undrained with pore pressure)

                                   6. Triaxial Shear (TxDOT)

                       iv. Chemical Testing

                                   1. Soil pH

                                   2. Soil Organic Content

                                   3. Soil Chloride & Sulfate

                                   4. Soil Resisitivity

                                         a. In Lab (TxDOT Method)

                                         b. In Field (Wenner Method 4-pin)

                      v. Volume Change/Shrink Swell

                                   1. Consolidation (7 or less loading inr. (ASTM D2435)

                                   2. Swell Test (FHA 701)

                                   3. Consolidometer Free Swell (ASTM D4546)

                      vi. Permeability

                                   1. Permeability, Falling Head

                                   2. Permeabiltiy, Constant Head

                      vii. Miscellaneous

                                   1. Sand Equivalent (ASTM D2419)

                                   2. Crumb Test (Dispersion)

                                   3. Pinhole Dispersion

                                   4. Soluable Salts

                                   5. Percent Solids

                                   6. Freeze-Thaw

                                   7. Wet-Dry

                                   8. Column Settling Test