TSI Laboratories, Inc. recognizes that our people drive the business.  As our most critical resource, employees will be safeguarded through training, provision of appropriate work surroundings, and procedures that foster protection of health and safety.  All work conducted by TSI Laboratories; Inc. employees will consider the intent of this policy. No duty, no matter what its perceived result, will be deemed more important than employee health and safety.

TSI Laboratories, Inc. is firmly committed to the safety of our employees, which includes providing our employees with sufficient time to sleep and recharge before their scheduled shift.  We will do everything possible to prevent workplace accidents and we are committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees.

We value our employees not only as employees but also as human beings critical to the success of their family, the local community, and TSI Laboratories, Inc.

Employees are encouraged to report any unsafe work practices or safety hazards encountered on the job.  All accidents/incidents (no matter how slight) are to be immediately reported to the supervisor on duty. Employees should also report any sleep loss due to long work hours or drastically changing hours.

A key factor in implementing this policy will be the strict compliance to all applicable federal, state, local, and Company policies and procedures.  Failure to comply with these policies may result in disciplinary actions.

Respecting this, TSI Laboratories, Inc. will make every reasonable effort to provide a safe and healthful workplace that is free from any recognized or known potential hazards.  Additionally, TSI Laboratories, Inc subscribes to these principles:

All accidents are preventable through implementation of effective Safety and Health Control policies and programs.

Safety and Health controls are a major part of our work every day.
Accident prevention is good business.  It minimizes human suffering, promotes better working conditions for everyone, holds TSI Laboratories, Inc. in higher regard with customers and increases productivity.  This is why we will comply with all safety and health regulations that apply to the course and scope of operations.

Management is responsible for providing the safest possible workplace for Employees.  Consequently, management of TSI Laboratories, Inc. is committed to allocating and providing all of the resources needed to promote and effectively implement this safety policy.  

Employees are responsible for following safe work practices and company rules, and for preventing accidents and injuries.  Management will establish lines of communication to solicit and receive comments, information, suggestions and assistance from employees where safety and health are concerned.

Management and supervisors of TSI Laboratories, Inc. will set an exemplary example with good attitudes and strong commitment to safety and health in the workplace.  Toward this end, management must monitor company safety and health performance, and also work environment and conditions to ensure that program objectives are achieved.

Our safety program applies to all employees and persons affected or associated in any way by the scope of this business.  Everyone’s goal must be to constantly improve safety awareness and to prevent accidents and injuries.

Everyone at TSI Laboratories, Inc. must be involved and committed to safety.  This must be a team effort.  Together, we can prevent accidents and injuries.  Together, we can keep each other safe and healthy in the workplace.



     Michael Tater, President                                                                              Pete Anzaldua, Safety Coordinator


Our Commitment to Safety

Key Personnel


Michael Tater is the President of TSI and has over 34 years of experience in construction materials testing. He has been the President of TSI for over 26 years. He is responsible for the operational affairs of the corporate office in Victoria. Mr. Tater reviews inspections and testing procedures to ensure compliance to company standards.

Along with overseeing all projects, Mr. Tater is responsible for bidding, scheduling, contract approval and client relations for the company. 

Mr. Tater’s affiliations include American Concrete Institute, International Association of Foundation Drilling, Wire Reinforcement Institute, ASTM, AASHTO, American Society of Civil Engineers, the Post Tensioning Institute and has a Nuclear Density Gauge certification.  Mr. Tater attended the Victoria College and holds a Certificate of General Studies in Engineering & Agricultural.

DANIEL TESFAI, P.E., Director of Engineering

Mr. Tesfai is the Director of Engineering for TSI. He has extensive project management experience including client interface, proposal preparation, managing project budgets, managing personnel, negotiating fees, calculating unit rates, writing and reviewing reports, performing and supervising the work.

Mr. Tesfai supervises all of our Construction Materials Testing (CMT) Projects and writes the Geotechnical Reports for all TSI branch locations. He has experience managing projects including governmental projects such as: The City of Houston, Harris County, Metro, Port of Houston Authority and various other projects. The projects include constructing airport terminals and runways, driveways, water treatment plants, water-lines, bus terminals, residences, warehouses, shopping centers, community outreach services, schools, and commercial buildings. In addition, he also performs materials engineering investigations, manages construction materials testing and quality control projects. He also markets services to the engineering, architectural and building contracting community. His experience in the area of Construction Materials Testing and Quality Control has involved the implementation, coordination and management of QA/QC testing programs. His involvement in these projects has included geotechnical explorations, foundation installation observations, site preparation, earthwork, concrete operations, structural steel erection, design of concrete and asphalt pavements.

As a Geotechnical Engineer Mr. Tesfai has provided foundation design and construction recommendations for various structures found on expansive soils. Some of these recommendations include shallow foundation systems, drilled and undreamed pier foundation systems, pavement, utility pipeline excavation and bedding material recommendations.

Mr. Tesfai has been involved in investigating construction materials problems during construction, as well as, problems encountered during the service life of structures. His duties have included evaluation of concrete and steel structures, rigid and flexible pavement systems, soils and foundation related problems.  He investigated roads and evaluated the existing pavement conditions, (including pavement condition rating or PCR), observed distresses and developed recommendations for pavement rehabilitation.

Mr. Tesfai’ s affiliations include Texas Society of Professional Engineers (TBPE), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) American Concrete Institute, (ACI) National Institute for Certified Engineering Technicians (NICET) Society of American Military Engineers (SAME).  Mr. Tesfai holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Addis Ababa University and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston.  Mr. Tesfai is a Professional Engineer, License No. 93944.

JOHN THOMAS PAEZ, V.P. Lab Operations

Mr. Paez is the laboratory manager and senior technician with over 25 years experience in the testing industry. His expertise includes Quality Control Inspection of concrete, soils and laboratory testing. Mr. Paez has been assigned to head field and laboratory technicians. He has completed critical projects such as the Nichols Creek Channel Repair for the Soil Conservation Service, Giddings I.S.D. Elementary and High School Projects, and the Victoria Water Treatment Plant.

As Radiation Safety Officer, Mr. Paez must ensure that all Texas Department of State Health Services rules and regulations are being followed by the company and the employees.

Mr. Paez holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Engineering from Tarrant Junior College. His certifications include: Troxler Nuclear Density Gauge, Soils Specialist 101, 102, 103, 201, & 202. ACI Aggregate Testing Tech 1, Concrete Laboratory Testing Tech 1 and Concrete Strength Testing Tech. NICET Soil, Concrete and Asphalt Level I and Geotechnical laboratory, Construction, Exploration and Generalist Level I.

CUAUHTEMOC TORRES CANTU, Engineering Lab Technician

Mr. Cantu is a recently graduated Civil Engineer with much experience in utilizing computer software for the analysis of results along with the collection, sampling and testing of various materials for use in the Rio Grande Valley while still at the university.

Having worked in the laboratory setting provided Mr. Cantu with a familiarity of safety procedures within a laboratory setting along with experience of following a specific set of procedures as required for the testing of materials. He is also well versed in the collection of data and compiling said data into reports for easily comprehendible and organized reports for use in construction design.

Mr. Cantu has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering Management from the University of Texas RGV.

TSI Laboratories Inc.


TSI Laboratories, Inc. is operated and managed by a staff of highly qualified and experienced personnel. Our Laboratory Organization Chart shows operational personnel positions, their lines of authority and responsibility within the laboratory.