T.S.I. Laboratories Inc.

II.          Laboratory Testing

         b. Concrete

                               i. Concrete Mix Design

                                   - includes reviewing Mix Designs using previously determined Aggregate Properties

                              ii. Concrete Shrinkage - Set of 3 (ASTM C157)

                             iii. Compressive Strength of Concrete Cylinders

                             iv. Compressive Strength of Concrete Core Specimens (ASTM C42)

                              v. Flexural Strength (Beams) (ASTM C78 or C293)

                             vi. Specific Gravity and Absorption (ASTM C127 and C128

                            vii. Water Soluable Chloride Ion (ASTM C1218)

                           viii. Microwave Moisture

                             ix. ASR Testing

        c. Aggregates/Rock Testing

                              i. Organic Impurities

                             ii. Clay Lumps & Friable Particles

                            iii. Flat and Elongate Pieces

                         iv. Unit Weight (Loose or Rodded)

                             v. Field Gradation of Rip Rap or Larger Stone