T.S.I. Laboratories Inc.

          k. Steel Inspection including Structural Steel, Metal Roof, Metal Stud

                                 i. Visual Weld Inspection

                                ii. Bolt Inspection

                               iii. Mag Particle and Dye Pentrent Testing by CWI

                               iv. Vacuum Test on Welds

                                v. Ultrasound Inspection of X-Ray

          l. Coring

                              i. Concrete Coring

                                 ii. Stabilized Base or HMAC Coring

        m. Paint and Coating Inspection

         n. Fireproofing

                                 i. Density Sample

                             ii. Adhesion Pull Off Test

         o. Lightweight Roof Deck Inspection

                                 i. Compressive Strength

                                ii. Unit Weight

                               iii. Screw Pull Inspection

         p. Epoxy

         q. Slurry

                                 i. Flow

                                ii. Specific Gravity

         r. Miscellaneous

                                 i. Vibration Monitoring

                                ii. Crack Monitoring