T.S.I. Laboratories Inc.

III.          Construction Materials Testing

                                  i. QA/QC Construction Inspection/Monitoring

          a. Concrete

                                 i. Technician Inspection (including Slump,Temp,Air, & Cylinders

                                ii. Technician Concrete Plant & Truck Inspection

                               iii. Concrete Core Drilling

                               iv. Concrete Maturity

                                v. Floor Flatness

                               vi. Vapor Emission (Floor Moisture)

                              vii. Non-Destructive Swisshammer Test

                             viii. Windsor Probe

                               ix. Concrete Plant Inspection  & Truck Inspection

          b. Drilled Pier Inspection

                                i. Engineering Technician Inspection

                                    - includes Monitoring, Documentation, and Field Testing of Concrete

          c. Driven Piles Inspection

                                i. Engineering Technician Inspection

                                    - includes Inspection of Blow Counts, etc.

         d.Augercast Piles

                               i. Engineering Technician Inspection

                                    - includes Monitoring Flow Cone, Temperature, and Field Testing of Grout

        e. Post Tension Inspection

        f. Masonry - Mortar, Grout, CMU

                               i. Compressive Strength of Grout Cylinders

                              ii. Compressive Strength of Mortar Cubes

                             iii. Compressive Strength of Grout Prisms

                             iv. Compressive Strength of CMU Block with Absorption (set of 3)

         g. Soils

                              i. Density of Soil in Place (3 test min.)

                             ii. Compaction Monitoring/Proofrolling

                            iii. Depth Test

                            iv. Pulverization Test (Lime Gradation)

                             v. Environmental Monitoring & Testing Phase I & II

         h. Asphalt

                              i. Laboratory Density of Specimens (set of 3)

                             ii. Molding Test Specimens (set of 3)

                            iii. HVEEM Stability (set of 3)

                            iv. Marshall Stability (set of 3)

                             v. Extraction & Gradation

                            vi. Asphalt Core Thickness & Density

                           vii. Level 1A Technician Plant Inspections

                          viii. Level 1B Technician (rolling pattern,segregation profile)

         i. Reinforcing Steel

                              i. Engineering Technician

                                  - includes Observation/Documentation of Size, Lap Length, Spacing and Mill Reports

        j. Welding

                          i. Tensile Test

                             ii. Bend Test

                            iii. Etching Test

                            iv. Nick Test

                            vi. Vacuum Test of Welds

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